Show 2019-24

RVs and Family Reunions, Silver Cove RV Resort, RV Remodel of Floor and Furniture.

RVs and Family Reunions, Interior Remodel, Silver Cove RV Resort and More!

RVs and camping are a great way to enjoy family reunions. And this week, we join Jeff and Pam Johnston at their big family get-together, where there are a lot of RVs, family members, food, and fun. Then Jeff gives us a good look at the Silver Cove Campground and surrounding area. Later, Mark and Dawn Polk from RV Education 101 wrap up their five-part series on upgrading and remodeling their fifth wheel trailer. This week, they install the new Infinity woven vinyl flooring, and finished the job off by bringing in some beautiful new RecPro living room and dining room furniture.


RVs and Family Reunions

Jeff Johnston: One of the best, most fun uses for your RV is getting together with other RV owning family members for a big group campout. 

The Pranger clan of Hillsboro, Oregon, along with Delplanch, Cochrane, Jantz, and other family members gathers each year for a long weekend of fun, food, laughs, and camaraderie.


Silver Cove RV Resort and Area

Today’s “Rollin’ On TV” quick stop is Silver Cove RV Resort located on State Route 504 just 6 miles east of Interstate 5 at Castle Rock. Clean air and lush greenery are part of this southwest Washington campground’s appeal. Well laid out, paved roads provide easy access for even the largest RVs. This full service campground includes all the modern amenities RVers want.

RV How To's

RV Interior Remodel - Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Welcome back to our RV interior upgrade project. We are one-fourth of the way finished, with our MCD American Duo day-night roller shades installed. Today, we are installing new Infinity luxury woven vinyl flooring in our project fifth wheel trailer. Then in upcoming episodes, we will install new RecPro furniture.

RV How To's

Interior Makeover - New Furniture

So far, we installed MCD day-night roller shades, whitewashed wood planks, Infinity luxury woven vinyl flooring. And today in the finale, we’re installing new RecPro furniture.

Our fifth wheel at the beach is getting older, and that meant older, worn out furniture. So, to fix that problem and finish our RV interior makeover, we are installing new RecPro furniture in the RV.