Show 2020-08

RV Pop-ups, Pop-outs and Extension Rooms, Naughty Dogs Get Caught in the Act,  and DIY RV Carport from a kit!


On this week’s show, we take a look at the growing popularity of canvas pop-ups, pop-outs, room extensions, and even individual add-ons.

Also, Michelle and Laurie show us what can happen when you decide to leave your dogs out of their crate while you’re gone, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

Then later, Mark and Don Polk from RV Education 101 show us how they built this cool carport for their RV from a kit.

pop up on Jeep roof

rv Design

RVs are Poppin Out All Over!

Today’s RV designers are finding some creative ways to give us more living space in our RVs, and how they’re achieving that is what’s interesting.

In some cases, they’re expanding up or expanding out and occasionally adding a room where none existed before, and they’re doing this with a century’s old material: canvas. Now, this is not the canvas our forefathers used under covered wagons and tents, but lighter, stronger canvas. 

RVing with pets

What Happens When You Leave Your Dogs Alone?

Hi. Michelle and Laurie from Rollin’ On TV. We’re here to tell you a story today about our two fur babies Abby and Angel, who are about a year and a half old now.

We have always crated them. They’re very comfortable in their crates. It’s their little safe spot. We bring the crate with us wherever we go camping. And this particular time, we were going out on a little errand. So what did we do?

RV Education 101

DIY RV Carport from a Kit!

Several years ago, I built a garage to store our motorhome and my restoration projects in, but eventually the garage was full and I needed more room. I had space behind the garage for another structure, and my thoughts were to construct an RV carport in that space.