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Duo-Form | Palomino Graphix | Drab to Fab Reveal | Paws on Board and More on Rollin’ On TV 2021-18

This week we visit Duo Form and learn all about the company and the various RV items they manufacture. Later we check in with Jeff Johnston at Graphix Unlimited as he has them install a full graphic wrap on his new Palomino Truck Camper. Then we head over to the RV/MH Hall of Fame Museum and meet up with the women from RV Women’s Alliance at their big reveal of their finished
Drab to Fab Trailer Makeover Project, which you can now win. And in our “Paws on Board” segment, Dr. Fitz from Fitz Vet explains yes, like humans, pets do get carsick, then shows us ways to overcome this problem and help your pet enjoy the journey.

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Meet Women in RVing Melissa Vitali | Install Black-out Shades | Paws on Board | and More on Rollin’ On TV 2021-17

On this week’s show, we introduce you to Melissa Vitali from Graphix Unlimited. If the name sounds familiar, think about those great graphics you’ve seen on our Super NO BO projects for Care Camps. Her rise in the RV industry has been nothing short of phenomenal. Then we join Mark Polk from “RV Education 101,” as he shows us how to turn our regular window shades into blackout shades in a matter of minutes. Later, in “Paws on Board,” we catch up with Dr. Fitz from Fitz Vet, and see what traveling
pet advice she has in her medicine bag for us this week.

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Meet Women in RVing Mollee Veurink | Sanitize RV Water System | Broughton Marsh Campground | and More on Rollin’ On TV 2021-16

This week in our “Women in RVing” series, we meet Mollee Veurink, from Veurink’s RV Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We’ll learn how she grew her career in the RV industry. Then Mark Polk, from RV Education 101, explains the best way to keep your fresh water RV system clean and sanitized. Later, Jeff Johnston takes us to Broughton Marsh Campground in Wisconsin, and tells us, “Don’t let the name put you off.” This fantastic campground is a gem you should visit. In our “Paws on Board” segment, Dr. Fitz from Fitz Med explains the difference between heat stroke and heat exhaustion, how to tell the difference and how to treat your dog, should it face either one.

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WWII Bombadier School | Adventure Van Expo | Pet-Friendly RVS on Paws on Board | and More on Rollin’ On TV 2021-15

On this week’s program, Jeff Johnston joins Chris Hemer from RV Enthusiast Magazine as Chris checks out what’s new in camping cooking gear at the Adventure Van Expo in Oregon. Then we join Michelle Fontaine as she visits Hangar 25 located at the former Webb Air Force Base in Big Spring, Texas. This interesting Harvest Hosts location is a perfect stop for anyone interested in military history and aircraft. Also, how about a firewood vending machine? Yep, you heard right. Jeff found one, and he seems to like the whole idea. Later on “Paws on Board” Dr. Fitz meets up with Joe Mehl from Forest River and finds out what some manufacturers are doing to help accommodate RVers that bring along their fur babies.

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Installing RV Cover Alone | Women In the RV Industry – Amber Selking | Paws on Board | RV Hitch Ball Tips and More on Rollin’ On TV 2021-14

Protecting your RV with a cover both in winter and summer is a smart idea. On this week’s show, Michelle Fontaine shows us how relatively easy it is for one person to do it, once you understand the right way. Then, on our Women and RV-ing series, we catch up with Amber Selking from LCI and learn all about motivation. Mark Polk from RV Education 101 shows us how important that hitch ball is and what you should know about it. Later, in our Paws on Board segment, we’ll see what Dr. Fitz has in her pet doctor’s bag for us this week. These stories and we finally unveil the new Care Camps Super No Bo 2 and explain how you can win this one-of-a-kind Forest River No Bo.

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RV Education 101 on RV Safety Checks | Paws on Board | Visit to Cox Sports and More on Rollin’ On TV 2021-13

We start off this week with Mark Polk from RV Education 101 as he shows us the seven safety checks you should do before hitting the road. Then we begin our series on “Women in RVing” as we visit with Susan Carpenter and learn all about her career and rise within the RV industry. And as we celebrate our 11th year of “Rollin’ on TV,” we are also celebrating 10 years of broadcasting with Cox Sports Television. We’ll join Michelle Fontaine as she visits our broadcast partners in Louisiana. Later, we’ll introduce you to Dr. Marisa Fitzpatrick, also known as Dr. Fitz, as we start our new weekly series called, “Paws On Board.” These stories and more on this week’s “Rollin’ on TV.”

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