SHOW 2022-08


The Boondocking Lifestyle with a 40' Fifth Wheel - Meet the Browns!

Michelle Fontaine: With the influx of new RVers, and campgrounds feeling a little crowded, and a desire to find some kind of cost-effective camping, people are turning to boondocking, or dry camping. Today, we’re visiting with our friends, Michelle and Jody Brown, in Sedona, Arizona, on BLM land.

RV Education 101 - Converting a Rare Van Camper - Episode 2 of 5!

Here is Part 2 of our camper van renovation series, dubbed “The Ram Camp Project.” In Part 1 we finished all the mechanical work on the van, making sure it was safe for travel. Today, we’re gonna start on the van’s interior by roughing in our 12-volt and 120-volt wiring and our hot and cold plumbing lines.

After many types, Jeff Recommends his Favorite Camp Chair

Like most of us who have been doing this for an awfully long time, we’ve been through a variety of chairs that some are more comfortable than others, some last longer, some fall apart while you’re sitting next to them at the campsite, which of course is hilarious for all of your camping buddies.

Here you can enjoy the extended version of Mark and Dawn Polk of RV Education 101’s Ram Camp Van Conversion Project – Episode 2!

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