Show 2020-26
Two Different Destinations; Myrtle Beach and Quartzsite! Jeff Answers, “Should You Use an RV Cover?” Then Restoring an RV Rubber Roof with RV Education 101. 

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Ocean Lake Campground, Myrtle Beach

Hey, everybody, this is John DiPietro for “Rollin’ on TV,” and in this segment, we visit beautiful Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We’re staying at the fabulous Ocean Lakes Family Campground, which is situated right on the Atlantic Ocean.

Myrtle Beach is one city in an area called the Grand Strand, which stretches from north to south, right on the Atlantic, with over 40 miles of family-friendly beaches. Let’s go see what’s going on here at Ocean Lakes and the area immediately around us.

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Quartzsite, AZ - a 'Hot' Winter Destination! 

Hi, this is Michelle and Laurie from “Rollin’ On TV,” and we’re going to explore Quartzsite, Arizona. Quartzsite is located in the county of La Paz, Arizona. And normally, it has a year-round residency of about 4,000 people. However, during the wintertime, this number increases to a million RVers. So, this small desert town, which happens to have perfect winter weather, really has morphed itself into taking care of all these RVers that come in once a year.

One of the important things for us is to check out the Quartzsite sports, vacation, and RV show during our three days. But there is so much more to Quartzsite than the show. So, please join us as we take a look at Quartzsite, Arizona.

Straight talk

Should I Invest in an RV Cover?

Jeff answers this question from Mike who lives near the coast. “When it comes to winter fifth wheel storage, should I invest in an RV cover? We get rain and wind at the coast. I worry about wear and abrasion, and trapped moisture. I know covers have come a long way since plastic tarps..

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Mark Polk of RV Education 101 Shows How to Restore an RV EPDM Rubber Roof

Hi, I’m Mark Polk with RV Education 101. If you have an aging EPDM roof on your RV like this one, you won’t want to miss this video. Your EPDM roof is exposed to harsh elements like the sun’s damaging UV rays, rain, hail, snow, and wind blown debris, which can lead to stains and other discoloration taking place on your roof. And when the roof membrane approaches that 10 to 12 year old mark, it has been through a lot. Replacing your EPDM roof can be labor intensive and expensive. In many cases, if your roof is sound and watertight, you don’t need to replace it. Today, we’re going to discuss how you can add years of life to an older EPDM roof membrane and restore it to that new look to your RV roof’s surface at an affordable price.