Show 2020-06

Categories and Types of RVs 101, New Hitch Storage System and Pet-Friendly Fifth Wheel Trailer.


On this week’s show, Mark Polk explains the various categories and differences in RVs. If you’re looking to buy your first RV, knowing what type is right for you should be your first consideration.

Then Jeff Johnston is always looking for new cool RV stuff that not only looks and seems great but actually works. This week, he shows us the EZStor Hitch that meets all his criteriaband then some.

And I’m sure at least half of you, if not more, watching this show own pets and include them in all of your RV-ing activities. And our own Michelle Fontaine is no exception. Later in the show, Michelle visits with Angelia Peterson, brand manager of Highland Ridge RV, and checks out a new pet friendly fifth-wheel trailer.

RV Education 101

Types of RVS

Roughly 20% of our weekly television viewers don’t own an RV which means about 75,000 viewers watching this show are considering or already looking at buying an RV. But with so many categories and classes of RVs available, getting acquainted with each category should be priority one. 

Hi, I’m Mark Polk with “RV Education 101.” Today I want to briefly discuss the different types of RVs there are. When it comes to selecting the right RV, everybody’s different, so it only makes sense that there are so many different types and sizes of RVs to choose from.

RV and Camping PRoducts

Store your Weight Distribution and Hitch

Setting up camp can be great fun. You unhitch your trailer, pull your tow rig away, start setting up all your hardware, your tools and so on, but there’s usually something left that you may have to deal with and store somewhere. For example… you may have a pair of these guys– your weight-distributing hitch spring bars–and this guy, the weight-distributing hitch head. If you don’t want to have it hanging out the back of your truck where you’re liable to run into it with your shins, you gotta do something with it.

pet-friendly Mesa Ridge RVs

RV Features

Pet Friendly RVS for the Rest of your Family.

It’s no secret that a lot of RV-ers travel with their pets, and many campgrounds are also pet-friendly. RV-ers aren’t going to leave any family member behind. The RV industry is paying attention and the new Mesa Ridge from Jayco includes a model that’s a recent addition to the pet-friendly RV market. Our own Michelle Fontaine took a good look around a pet-friendly Highland Ridge and saw some interesting features.