Vintage or Retro

New Shasta Airflyte Retro trailer with a 1961 Caddy tow vehicle

Vintage or Retro - Vintage Style RVs Are gaining A Lot Of Popularity And Manufacturers Are Taking Note.

In the past few years, many major RV manufacturers have reintroduced vintage looking units based on early 1950's, 1960's and even some 1970's models called 'Retro models'. These retro's are designed to look like the original versions but with modern day chassis and amenities. These are really great if you're looking for the old, nostalgia look and feeling, but want the feel and comfort of knowing everything is really.... modern and up-to-date.

A good example of a modern day 'retro trailer is the Shasta Airflyte, re-introduced in limited production in late 2015 through 2016.

The popularity of the Airflytet was evident when the whole production quota of 1,941 was sold out well within the first year. As happens with many new models, even retro models, can have production 'bugs' and there was a recall of over 1,700 units to fix a couple of safety problems, but once fixed there are a lot of happy Airflyte Retro owners out there enjoying the vintage / retro lifestyle.

A beautifully restored trailer from Flyte-Camp with an early Packard

To some folks, retro trailers are fine, but nothing beats a nicely restored vintage trailer and you won't find many better examples that the ones coming out of Flyte Camp located in Oregon. The company is known for it's first class restoration work on all models of vintage trailers.

Just in case you haven't noticed, many vintage RV trailer owners also have a vintage tow vehicle usually from the same era as the trailer. So as you can see, enjoying a vintage RV lifestyle can be a lot of fun and take you back to a time when life was simpler and a little more laid back.... even if it's just for a weekend now and then.

1958 airflyte trailer and Chevy

A beautifully restored 1958 Chevy and 1958 Airflyte trailer

If you're thinking you would like to get into vintage RVs, there's no better place to check them out and talk with vintage RV owners than a vintage RV rally.

There are a few large national rallies around the country and a lot of local or regional ones. You can learn more by checking with some vintage RV clubs like, Tin Can Tourists, (one of the largest groups), or just visit the web site

Rollin' On TV will be bringing you a lot more vintage trailer coverage in 2017 so keep watching for these episodes starting in February.

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