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Living with 30-Amps

Living with 30-amps

RV Education 101 This week Mark and Dawn Polk from RV Education 101 show us why living on 30-amps involves a little planning and self discipline. Being out in an RV is not quite like being at home where having 50-amps and running a toaster and air conditioner is not a problem. But once you […]

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RV Education 101 – tips for traveling with pets

RV Education 101 - tips for traveling with dogs

With over 60% of RVers traveling with pets, our friends Mark and Dawn Polk at RV Education 101 give us some tips you should know when traveling and RVing with Pets. This is a pretty extensive list, so take a listen and you might avoid a dangerous, challenging, frightening or embarrassing moment!

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Common RV Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Summary page picture September artcile

It doesn’t matter if you are a brand new RV owner or a seasoned RV owner; we all make silly mistakes at some point in time. I usually encourage the use of checklists to help avoid making some of the more common mistakes. When you use a checklist it’s not as easy to forget or […]

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RV Education 101 (Upgrading your kitchen)

Upgrading an RV kitchen

At one time or another, I’m sure many of you have said, “I really want to upgrade or change the look of our RV Kitchen but I don’t want to spend a whole lot of money.” Well, this week, Mark and Dawn Polk, our friends over at RV Education 101, have come up with a […]

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RV Education 101 Shows us How To Gage Tail Swing

measuring tail swing

Gaging Tail Swing Also on this week’s show, we continue with RV Education 101 Drivers Education series as Mark and Dawn Polk show us how to properly gage the “tail swing’ on your RV. Understanding ‘tail swing’ can prevent accidents at the gas pumps and in other tight spaces. Tail swing is the distance the body of […]

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RV Campground Tips from RV Education 101

Enhance your Campground Experience

If you know where you will be staying it’s a good idea to make campground reservations in advance. With a reservation there will always be a site waiting for you when you arrive. Plan to stop traveling while there is still plenty of daylight to set-up and get settled in at the campground. When you […]

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Prepare your RV for Summer Camping Trips

RV Education Summer Article

RV Air Conditioners The first thing I recommend is to make sure your RV air conditioner is ready for the hot weather. One of the most important things you can do is keep the air conditioner filters clean or replace them. The cleaner the filters are the more efficient the air conditioner works. You can […]

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9 Hot Weather RV Preventive Maintenance Checks

Summary Page Picture June article

Hot temperatures can take a toll on your RV, inside and out. In this article I would like to offer 9 hot weather RV preventive maintenance checks to help make sure you and your RV are ready to deal with the summer heat. Let’s start outside the RV. Outside the RV: It doesn’t matter if it’s […]

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RV Driving Tips & Tricks

Driving Tips from Mark and Dawn Polk for Rollin On TV

Towing a trailer or driving a large motorhome is different than driving a compact automobile. The more proficient your driving skills and knowledge are, the more your confidence and abilities increase. There are several driving techniques, mostly used to train professional drivers that cross over nicely in RV driver education. When you learn these simple […]

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